Publications 2019

Baseline assessment of benthic macroinvertebrate community structure and ecological water quality in Rwenzori rivers (Albertine rift valley, Uganda) using biotic-index tools. Peace Sasha Liz Musonge (UGent) , Pieter Boets (UGent) , Koen Lock (UGent) , Naomi Minar Damanik Ambarita, Marie Anne Eurie Forio (UGent) , Dirk Verschuren (UGent) and Peter Goethals (UGent) (2019) LIMNOLOGICA. 75. p.1-10

Phytoplankton communities in the crater lakes of western Uganda, and their indicator species in relation to lake trophic status. Angela Nankabirwa, Wannes De Crop (UGent) , Thijs Van der Meeren (UGent) , Christine Cocquyt (UGent) , Pierre-Denis Plisnier, John Balirwa and Dirk Verschuren (UGent) (2019) ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. 107.

Late-Holocene sedimentation and sodium carbonate deposition in hypersaline, alkaline Nasikie Engida, southern Kenya Rift Valley. Gijs De Cort (UGent) , Florias Mees, Robin W Renaut, Matthias Sinnesael, Thijs Van der Meeren (UGent) , Steven Goderis, Edward Keppens, Anthony Mbuthia and Dirk Verschuren (UGent) (2019) JOURNAL OF PALEOLIMNOLOGY. 62(3). p.279-300

Influence of plant growth form, habitat and season on leaf-wax n-alkane hydrogen-isotopic signatures in equatorial East Africa Marco Griepentrog (UGent) , Lien De Wispelaere (UGent) , Marijn Bauters (UGent) , Samuel Bodé (UGent) , Andreas Hemp, Dirk Verschuren (UGent) and Pascal Boeckx (UGent) (2019) GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. 263. p.122-139

Tracing ancient animal husbandry in tropical Africa using the fossil spore assemblages of coprophilous fungi : a validation study in western Uganda. Lore Goethals (UGent) and Dirk Verschuren (UGent) (2019) VEGETATION HISTORY AND ARCHAEOBOTANY.

Determining patterns of stratification and mixing in tropical crater lakes through intermittent water-column profiling : a case study in western Uganda. Wannes De Crop (UGent) and Dirk Verschuren (UGent) (2019) JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES. 153. p.17-30

Distinct phases of natural landscape dynamics and intensifying human activity in the central Kenya Rift Valley during the past 1300 years. Geert van der Plas (UGent) , Gijs De Cort (UGent) , Nik Petek-Sargeant, Tabitha Wuytack, Daniele Colombaroli, Paul J Lane and Dirk Verschuren (UGent)(2019) QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS. 218. p.91-106

Les Lacs d'Ounianga : mieux comprendre leur dynamique hydrologique et écologique par une approche interdisciplinaire. Thijs Van der Meeren (UGent) , Pierre Deschamps, Florence Sylvestre, Baouyé Kemkong, Abderamane Moussa, Mathieu Schuster and Dirk Verschuren (UGent) (2019) Le Tchad des lacs : les zones humides sahéliennes au défi du changement global. p.127-138

Ecohydrological evolution of Lake Naivasha (central Rift Valley, Kenya) during the past 1650 years, as recorded by ostracod assemblages and stable-isotope geochemistry. Thijs Van der Meeren (UGent) , Emi Ito, Kathleen R. Laird, Brian F. Cumming and Dirk Verschuren (UGent)(2019) QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS. 223.