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The Marine Biology research group is a scientific unit of the Ghent University. Our mission is to understand the sea. We are convinced  that our marine research both leads to fundamental scientific insights in the ecology and evolution of marine ecosystems and contributes to the sustainable management and exploitation of ‘the last wilderness’.
Since the seventies, the Marine Biology research group is working in the marine environment and has specialized mainly in the ecology of the sea bottom. Bottom dwelling organisms are called benthos and are perceived invisible. However, this benthos is not only important because of their biodiversity and numbers in which they occur, but also because they are crucial in the ecosystem as food for other species (as fish, crabs…).
Our research topics range from the North Sea bottom over laboratory experiments to deep-sea, tropical and polar environments. The huge range of topics is covered by a dynamic team of 4 professors, 8 post-docs, 20 Ph D students and 9 technicians.


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