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More than 80 years of experience in nematological research

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Taxonomy, phylogeny, morphology, and biology of nematodes from natural and agricultural ecosystems, including free-living, plant-parasitic, virus-vector, facultatively parasitic, and entomopathogenic nematodes.

Out of the backbone of nematode phylogeny towards species delineation, we integrate a tradition of light-microscopy and ultrastructural morphology with molecular approaches.

Current investigation topics

  • Optimizing nematode taxonomy (See also
    - combining morphology and DNA-based species delimitation
    - (digital) morphological vouchers of sequenced individuals
    - sequences and ecology of specimens from type populations
    - DNA barcoding and comprehensive databanks
  • (Cryptic) diversity and biology of plant-parasitic nematodes, with focus on tropical countries
  • Diversity and succession of nematodes in compost processes
    The interaction of (compost) nematodes on soil food web processes
  • The origin and evolution of plant-parasitism
  • Ultrastructural morphology of nematodes and other animals

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