Shape variation and biomechanics of the sacroiliac joint in human pelvises

Project focus

 The sacroiliac joint transfers forces between the spine and lower limbs in the human pelvis. Despite extensive studies on this joint, many obscurities remain about its functioning and its role in low back and pelvic pathology. Previous research has shown an extensive inter-individual variation in both shape and movement of the joint. The goal of this research is to, firstly, develop a statistical shape model of the sacral bone, in order to provide a deeper understanding of the anatomical variations and their possible implications on joint biomechanics. Secondly, this study aims to present a standardized method for biomechanical analysis of the sacroiliac joint, in order to improve interpretation of future research, and to offer a deeper insight into the connection between joint shape and biomechanics. Human pelvis with axis


 biomechanics, sacroiliac joint, morphometrics, joint shape

Researchers: Liesbeth Vanhauwermeiren, Tom Van Hoof (PI), Dominique Adriaens (Co-PI)