Master theses


  1. Ecomorphology of climbing versus terrestrial chameleons: studying the functional morphology of the tail system - Jorn Hellemans
  2. Skeletal deformities in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) - Vincent Vermeylen (thesis MSc Aquaculture, Fac. Bioscience Engineering)


  1. From yellow to silver: what is happening on the inside of the head - Eva Götze
  2. A tale of tails: variation in morphology linked to tail use in Chamaeleonidae - Anouk Ollevier
  3. Morfometrische karakteristieken van de schub onder chronische stress condities en hierop volgende effecten op bot(ver)vorming bij karper (Cyprinus carpio) - Aron Vandenberghe (thesis Faculty of Bio-Engineering Sciences UGent)


  1. The influence of glucocorticoids on skeletal deformations in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) – Ben Colpaert (thesis Faculty of Bio-Engineering Sciences UGent)


  1. Head shape dimorphism in European eels (Anguilla anguilla): Assessing myology and bite force in broadheads and narrowheads –  Tim Goethals
  2. The functionality of the synapomorphic musculature of the oral apparatus in Neotropical vampiric catfishes (Vandelliinae)–  Benjamin Vercaempst
  3. Sociable Behaviour in Early Development of  Male and Female Bonobos –  Simon Braem


  1. How seahorses do it? A microscopic-anatomical 3D study of the ontogenetic reorganization of the musculoskeletal system of their prehensile tail –  Anya Van Raemdonck
  2. Kinematics of chisel-tooth digging by African mole-rats (Fukomys, Bathyergidae, Rodentia) –  Stef Heindryckx