Thin Section Workshop

The thin section workshop of the Laboratory for Mineralogy and Petrology of Ghent University has a long-standing experience (since 1955) in preparing thin sections of rocks, sediments, soils and ceramics.

Following sizes of thin sections are possible:

  • 28 x 48 mm
  • 60 x 90 mm
  • 90 x 120 mm

These can be delivered with or without cover glass.

Polished slabs or sections are also possible.


Hard rocks can be treated as is.

Soft sediments, soils, and brittle objects will need embedding in resin.

Special treatment (acetone replacement in vapour or liquid phase, addition of fluochromes) can be applied if necessary.

For samples to be embedded: prices take into account an initial sample volume of maximally about 400 cm3 for a 60 x 90 mm section and about 1000 cm3 for a 90 x 120 mm section. For considerably larger samples, embedding costs will increase according to the true sample volume.

Kubiena boxes

Kubiena boxes for sampling sediments and soils for micromorphology are available for purchase.


Thin sections, and if requested, remaining sample slabs (ca. 1 cm thick) are sent by registered mail. A handling, packing and postage cost also applies.