NMRSTR has access to 5 NMR spectrometers in total, they are listed below are all managed by the NMR expertise center (NMR EC, see
In general there are two categories to be discerned: 

Open access infrastructure

These spectrometers operate 24/7 in a semi-automated environment and are available for researchers to measure in an independent manner following a short training organized by Emile Ottoy (CTO).

  • 300MHz (Phobos) - Avance I
  • 400MHZ (Deimos) - Avance II + Prodigy cryoprobe

Research infrastructure

This infrastructure is accessible to dedicated researchers only, following a clear and adequate motivation illustrating the research needs. The researcher in questions needs to follow an in-depth training before access is allowed. If you would be interested in accessing these instruments, please contact Emile Ottoy (CTO) or Dieter Buyst (CSO).

  • 500MHz (Nestor) - Avance III HD
  • 500MHz (Hercules) - Avance III (liquids and solids)
  • 700MHz (Hera) - Avance II + Prodigy cryoprobe

For more information on one or multiple systems, please take a look at the equipment page of the NMR expertise center.