NMR and molecular modelling investigations of hydroxyl apatite - DNA immunestimulator nanoplatforms for improved vaccine delivery

In new generation vaccines with safe but weakly immunogenic antigens are formulated together with carriers and/or adjuvants to induce the desired immunological response. The use of nanoparticles as carriers for vaccines, also known as nanovaccinology, is a promising new area, which requires further understanding and development. Inorganic particles, such as hydroxy apatite (HAP), have shown potential as carriers. HAP is the inorganic constituent of bones and teeth and as a result it is extremely biocompatible. DNA immunestimulators of bacterial origin are one of the most promising potential adjuvants. In this project we combine HAP nanoparticles with DNA immunestimulators in a drug delivery system and explore the interactions and surface properties of the resulting vaccine nanoplatform at the molecular level using solution state NMR spectroscopy and molecular modelling.