Solid phase synthesis of peptides and small heterocyclic pepeptidomimetics

  • synthetic approaches via automated solid phase synthesis
  • peptides synthesis, modification and conjugation
  • methodologies for selective chemical modification of specific residues within peptides
  • construction of conformationally restricted peptides

Syro I  Intavis Multipep RSi

Solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides and analogues

  • oligonucleotide synthesis, modification and conjugation including DNA, RNA, 2'-OMe RNA and PNA
  • construction or reactive probes incorporating caged reactive functionalities for nucleic acid target identification
  • antisense and antigene strategies

Expedite  ABI 394

Purification of peptides and small molecules

  • reversed phase purification of peptides and small molecules
  • large scale purification, up to 300 mg sample per injection
  • automated fraction sampling
  • freeze drying of the purified fraction

EOS Prep HPLC  Freeze dryer Christ