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Development cooperation

University development cooperation is based on international solidarity. Mutual collaboration between academics in the North and the South is actively promoted.

In all its aspects, the cooperation must strive for quality and aim to achieve sustainable effects. A maximum degree of synergy and complementarity is sought with other donors and actors. It aims at the development of expertise in both North and South on topics related to developing countries.


Tuesday, 02/12/2014 at 19h30

Information session for foreign master students, titled “A PhD at Ghent University: how to start?”.
During this presentation the administrative steps in order to get accepted as a PhD student, as well as scholarship possibilities, will be presented.

Slides of the session "A PhD at Ghent University: how to start?"

In case of question, you can contact


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  • Own Initiatives/TEAM and South Initiatives (SI):
    Nancy Terryn
  • Flemish Ph.D. scholarships (VLADOC), Short Training Initiatives (KOI), International Conferences (INCO), International Training Programmes (ITP), Institutional University Cooperation(IUC) MMU (Uganda):
    Helke Baeyens
  • Communication, Sensibilisation, Master Grants and ICP-PhD call:
    Liesbeth Vandepitte
  • ICP-PhD:
    Micheline D'hooge
  • Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) UWC (South Africa), UEM (Mozambique), JU (Ethiopia) and MU-T (Tanzania) and Network University Cooperation (NETWORK) ESPOL (Ecuador)
    Annick Verheylezoon
  • Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) JU (Ethiopia)
    Mira Jashari
  • Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) HU (Vietnam) and TEAM (Own Initiatieves):
    Valerie Henrist
  • Network CTU (Vietnam), South Initiatives (SI) and Solvability:
    Elien Demeulemeester