Scholarship possibilities for candidates from Developing Countries

International Training Program (ITP)

VLIR-UOS finances International Training Programmes (ITP).

These are short-term training programmes, lasting one to four months.

The International Training Programmes are designed for people from developing countries with a certain degree of professional experience.

They aim at transferring knowledge and skills, and create the possibility for cooperation and networking.

Check the country list used for scholarships.

Master programmes

Master grants

Ghent University provides Master Grants to candidates from developing countries who wish to obtain a master’s degree at Ghent University.
At this moment a new procedure is being worked out for these grants. Candidates will not need to apply separate themselves, it will be the board of the course you apply for that will give a list of the students that are eligible for such a grant, and indicated they wish to receive one in their application file, with a ranking based on the information in the application file.

Details will be posted as soon as available.

Deadlines for application and for admission can be found here.

International Course Programme (ICP)

The International Course Programme (ICP) finances study programmes at Flemish Universities.

These courses, which result in the diploma master after bachelor, can also be attended by students with other financial means.

Check the country list used for scholarships.

There are 7 courses at Ghent University:

Research Back Packs

International Foundation for Science (IFS)

IFS supports young developing country scientists who have the potential for becoming the future research leaders and lead scientists in their nations. IFS helps young researchers with the start of their career and helps them to receive national and international recognition.