Research Aims

Cross-Disciplinary Research

We work towards heightened cross-disciplinarity within Medieval Studies at Ghent University by:

  • Combining multiple specialist sub-disciplines in research projects
  • Fostering mutually beneficial exchange of methodological and conceptual approaches


At Ghent University, there is a strong tradition of focusing on primary sources and auxiliary sciences of Medieval Studies. These strands are now combined with Digital Humanities, resulting in new ways to make the contents of sources widely available for reference.

Current projects in this domain:

Cross-cultural Approach

Our research spans the corners of the medieval world, looking beyond the boundaries between cultures.

Research is currently conducted on aspects of:

  • Western and Southern Europe, Nordic and Slavonic cultures, and the Near East, Islamic and Byzantine worlds

The cross-cultural approach also results in multi-period research, for instance across:

  • Late-Antiquity and the Middle Ages
  • The medieval and early-modern periods

Knowledge exchange and Multi-disciplinarity

To share our expertise in the auxiliary sciences and primary sources of Medieval Studies, we provide international training programmes for students.

As part of our aim to valorise Medieval Studies wider we also seek collaboration with:

  • Other academic and scientific disciplines
  • Non-academic, societal partners, such as in the cultural heritage, museological, archival, and educational sectors
  • Press and media outlets, e.g. for consultancy
  • The general public