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02-03-2017 16:00 Vertommen, Sigrid State of the //ART// of the State: Een politieke economie van medisch begeleide reproductie in Palestina/Israel.
18-01-2017 10:11 Panchuk, Dmytro EU Transgovernmental Cooperation through Twinning in the Eastern neighbourhood: Democratic Substance, Role of Member States, and Effectiveness
19-12-2016 10:27 Kaziaj, Emiljano Children in television news. A multi-method research of the portrayal and reception of children in Albanian television news.
25-11-2016 10:30 Layton, Samuel The European Union’s External Impact on Human Rights: the Cases of the United States’ Death Penalty and the War on Terror.
23-11-2016 16:15 De Vuyst, Sara Hacking gender in journalism. A multi-method study on gender issues in the rapidly changing and digitalised field of news production.
14-10-2016 17:00 All, Anissa Digital Game-Based Learning Under The Microscope. Development of a procedure for assessing the effectiveness educational games aimed at cognitive learning outcomes.
16-09-2016 17:00 Van Den Putte, Lore The European Union’s trade-labour linkage: beyond the ‘soft’ approach?
12-09-2016 18:00 Temmerman, Caroline Lokale netwerken als instrument voor Vlaams beleid: een onderzoek naar de interactie tussen centrale sturing en lokale dynamiek.
08-09-2016 17:00 Van Parijs, Sander Makelaars in claims. Een analyse van vertegenwoordiging en verantwoording binnen lokale sturingsnetwerken.
02-09-2016 17:00 Akkaya, Ahmet Hamdi The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK): National Liberation, Insurgency and Radical Democracy Beyond Borders.
07-07-2016 16:00 Crivits, Maarten Exploring political representation: Flemish Agriculture as a case.
04-07-2016 18:00 Khasson, Viktoriya Regional Integration Preferences in the EU Neighbourhood. Assessing EU Relations with its Eastern Neighbours at the Macro and Micro Regional Levels.
04-07-2016 17:00 Heyerick, An Independent Relics or Heralds of Party Decline? The Role of Non-national Lists in Local Politics.
28-06-2016 17:00 Mutaka, Michael Muganda Examining conservation conflicts in Tanzania’s National Parks: A case study of Saadani National Park.
28-06-2016 16:00 Haesebrouck, Tim EU Member State Participation in Military Operations: a Configurational Comparative Analysis.
24-06-2016 17:00 Vermeulen, Lotte Exploring gendered play. An inquiry into women’s digital gaming practices.
16-06-2016 15:00 D'heer, Evelien Social media logic meets political communication. How social media are changing the dynamics among politics, the media and the public.
31-05-2016 17:00 Buffel, Veerle Mental health and mental health care use of the unemployed: A multilevel study into the medicalization of unemployment in Europe.
27-05-2016 11:00 Liao, Li-Wen Regime Complex of Global Space Governance.
10-05-2016 10:30 Sercu, Charlotte Stigma and the psychiatric enterprise: An ethnographic study of stigma in the Belgian mental health care context.