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18-03-2015 17:00 Kostanyan, Hrant Doctoraatsverdediging A principal-agent inverstigation into the discretionary power of the european external action service: the case of the Eastern partnership.
27-02-2015 17:30 Schuurman, Dimitri Doctoraatsverdediging Bridging the gap between Open and User Innovation? Exploring the value of Living Labs as a means to structure user contribution and manage distributed innovation.
13-02-2015 18:00 Snezhanka, Kazakova Doctoraatsverdediging The Fragmented Mind: Exploring the Measurement and Consequences of Media Multitasking Behavior.
29-01-2015 17:00 Louckx, Kaat Doctoraatsverdediging Statistics or state-istics? An anatomy of the corps social presented in the Belgian population censuses (1846-1947)
19-12-2014 17:00 De Grove, Frederik Doctoraatsverdediging Youth, friendship, play. A communication-scientific inquiry into the game-related practices of young people.
15-12-2014 17:30 Vlegels, Jef Doctoraatsverdediging Network dynamics in the cultural system
11-12-2014 17:00 Agostini, Stefano Doctoraatsverdediging Virtual Communities: online and offline connections
01-12-2014 17:00 Vanwynsberghe, Hadewijch Doctoraatsverdediging How users balance opportunity and risk: A conceptual exploration of social media literacy and measurement
28-11-2014 17:00 Jacobs, Lindsay Doctoraatsverdediging Shadows of the future. A network analysis of the structural evolution of the global power system between 1965 and 2005.
19-11-2014 17:30 De Keersmaeker, Goedele Doctoraatsverdediging “Polariteit als basisconcept van de Internationale Betrekkingen. Theoretische analyse, historische situering en hedendaagse relevantie ”
19-11-2014 17:30 Suliman-Jabary Salamanca, Omar Doctoraatsverdediging Fabric of Life. The infrastructure of settler colonialism and uneven development.
14-11-2014 17:00 Dierckx, Sacha Doctoraatsverdediging Capital controls in China, Brazil and India: towards the end of the free movement of capital as a global norm?
03-11-2014 17:00 Saenen, Bregt Doctoraatsverdediging The Causal Relation between the European Union’s Coherence and Effectiveness in International Institutions. The Union in the Standard-Setting Procedure of the International Labour Organization.
03-10-2014 17:00 Musliu, Vjosa Doctoraatsverdediging A post structuralist account of international Missions. The case of Kosovo.
03-10-2014 17:00 Willems, Gertjan Doctoraatsverdediging De constructie van een nationale cinema. Een onderzoek naar de rol van het filmproductiebeleid in het stimuleren van een Vlaamse identiteit (1964-2002).
02-10-2014 17:00 Van Brussel, Annelies Doctoraatsverdediging The European citizens’ initiative rules!? - De link tussen de Europese publieke sfeer en de Europese Unie politiek-wetenschappelijk onderzocht.
14-07-2014 16:00 Stans, David Doctoraatsverdediging Le Comité permanent R dans sa relation avec le Parlement et certains acteurs du pouvoir exécutif: cohérence ou incohérence?
03-07-2014 17:00 Van Kerckem, Klaartje Doctoraatsverdediging Bridging the gap. How Ethnic boundary dynamics shape socio-cultural incorporation. A case study among Turkish Belgians
30-06-2014 10:00 Nuyts, Nathalie Doctoraatsverdediging Web of scientists – Antecedents and outcomes of the social embeddedness of researchers
13-06-2014 12:00 Misafi, Haidari Doctoraatsverdediging Women’s Participation in Decentralized Local Governance: The case of Pastoral and Non-Pastoral women in Kondoa Local Authority, Tanzania