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10-07-2015 17:30 Verschaeve, Joren Doctoraatsverdediging An eroding relationship: an inductive analysis of the relations between the European Union and the Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
03-07-2015 15:00 Van der Bracht, Koen Doctoraatsverdediging First and second generation migrant religiosity in Europe
30-06-2015 16:00 Verstraete, Cédric Doctoraatsverdediging Social induction of innovation. On the role of social networks for innovation adoption in small businesses.
19-06-2015 17:30 De Roo, Paul Doctoraatsverdediging De constructie van het migrantenprobleem. Een geschiedenis van het sociaal werk voor migranten.
19-06-2015 16:00 Massoi, Lucy Doctoraatsverdediging Land, conflicts, and the livelihood of pastoral Maasai woman in Kilosa District of Morogoro, Tanzania.
29-05-2015 15:00 Willekens, Mart Doctoraatsverdediging Kapitaaldragers en leveranciers. Vier studies over mannen en vrouwen binnen het cultureel kapitaalparadigma.
21-05-2015 17:00 Ayala Valenzuela, Ricardo Alexis Doctoraatsverdediging Towards a sociology of nursing: an ethnography in chile.
13-05-2015 18:00 Daenekindt, Stijn Doctoraatsverdediging Cultural taste and social mobility.
12-05-2015 17:30 Vandecasteele, Bruno Doctoraatsverdediging The influence of the rotating Council Presidency on the European Union’s external policies.
07-05-2015 17:00 Verbrugge, Boris Doctoraatsverdediging The state of the underground economy: regulatory complexities, accumulation and informal labour in Compostela Valley’s Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) sector.
01-04-2015 17:00 Missinne, Sarah Doctoraatsverdediging Socioeconomic inequalities in preventive health care use: a life-course perspective.
31-03-2015 16:00 Hoang, Ha Hai Doctoraatsverdediging Analysing Normative Power Europe through Trade and Development Cooperation policies towards Vietnam.
18-03-2015 17:00 Kostanyan, Hrant Doctoraatsverdediging A principal-agent inverstigation into the discretionary power of the european external action service: the case of the Eastern partnership.
27-02-2015 17:30 Schuurman, Dimitri Doctoraatsverdediging Bridging the gap between Open and User Innovation? Exploring the value of Living Labs as a means to structure user contribution and manage distributed innovation.
13-02-2015 18:00 Snezhanka, Kazakova Doctoraatsverdediging The Fragmented Mind: Exploring the Measurement and Consequences of Media Multitasking Behavior.
29-01-2015 17:00 Louckx, Kaat Doctoraatsverdediging Statistics or state-istics? An anatomy of the corps social presented in the Belgian population censuses (1846-1947)
19-12-2014 17:00 De Grove, Frederik Doctoraatsverdediging Youth, friendship, play. A communication-scientific inquiry into the game-related practices of young people.
15-12-2014 17:30 Vlegels, Jef Doctoraatsverdediging Network dynamics in the cultural system
11-12-2014 17:00 Agostini, Stefano Doctoraatsverdediging Virtual Communities: online and offline connections
01-12-2014 17:00 Vanwynsberghe, Hadewijch Doctoraatsverdediging How users balance opportunity and risk: A conceptual exploration of social media literacy and measurement