Research Prof. Filip Tack


Research topics

  • Fate of heavy metals in sediments, wetlands and intertidal river banks
  • Removal of trace elements from wastewater and groundwater
  • Metal binding properties of natural organic matter in natural waters
  • Treatment alternatives for mercurial sludge
  • Application of municipal waste composts in agriculture
  • Plant parameters affecting U uptake by and U distribution in plants
  • Controls of Fe and Mn oxides in metal retention in soils
  • Physicochemical fate of metallic nanoparticles released into surface waters
  • Changes of trace element speciation in the human gastrointestinal tract
  • Environmental pollution by industrial activities and mining: monitoring, prevention and cleanup
  • Use of metallic nanoparticles as catalysers in water and soil remediation (nanotechnology)
  • The use of bio-energy crops for phytoremediation of metal enriched agricultural soils
  • Use of metal immobilizing soil amendments in a risk-based management of metal contaminated soils: risk assessment
  • Nutrient recovery from manure and biomethanisation digestates
  • Recycling/recovery of technology-critical elements from waste and wastewater
  • Revalorization of waste products and residues in soils
  • Testing and development of (micronutrient-enriched) soil fertilizers, feed and food supplements
  • Biofortification – use of micronutrient-enriched crops to alleviate micronutrient deficiencies in humans and animals
  • Fate of arsenic, selenium, mercury and metallic nanoparticles in food and the environment: role of trace element speciation