Particles and Interfacial Technology

Characterization of particles and dispersed systems

Particle size

Viscosity and density

Interface and surface charge

Preparation and stabilization of particles and dispersed systems

Emulsion preparation

  • Préhomogenizers
  • High pressure homogenizer
  • Microfluidizer
  • Sonicator 250


  • Flocculator controller
  • Scientific jar test

Environmental Technology

Membrane filtration

Pressure driven processes

Osmotically driven processes

Electrochemically driven processes

Thermally driven processes

  • Membrane distillation

Filtration applications

  • Bench scale filter press
  • Pilot scale filter press

Separation applications

  • Coagulation/flocculation jar test
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Adsorption processes (e.g. activated carbon, zeolites, ...)
  • Ion exchange


  • Porometry measurements for tubular membranes
  • Streaming potential measurements