Mastersizer S (Long bench version from Malvern)

With the Mastersizer S (Long bench version) particle size distributions are determined by means of the laser diffraction technique, and therefore also provides calculated particle size results (D[4,3], D[3,2], D[1,0], Dv[0.9], Dv[0.5], etc.). The Mastersizer S can provide size results in the range of 0.05 µm to 3500 µm, depending on the physical properties of the sample and depending on the sample preparation.

With this device we are able to determine the size results of several colloidal types of samples and in function of the goal of the analysis:

  • Dry particles dispersed in compressed air to determine the dry dispersed particle size depending on the applied stress. An indication on the fragility of the particles/agglomerates can be calculated in this way.
  • Dry powders as falling through the laser beam to determine the dry dispersed particle size of free flowing, non-agitated particles/agglomerates in the state as they are
  • Wet dispersed samples from oil-in-water emulsions (or water-in-oil emulsions) to sludge samples after coagulation purification treatment.
  • Droplet sizes of pressurized spray can released products like shoe care products


Milk, yoghurt, sludge, soil, shoe care products, wood pallets, sugar crystals, sugar pastes, cacao powder, pigments, Chocolate fire-retarders, water-in-oil emulsions, emulsifiers, thickeners, citrus concentrates  and many more types of samples have been analyzed in the past.


The device quickly, easily and accurately provides particle size results for routine analyses. It is also frequently desired in research application for the quick evaluation of formulation stability like emulsions, dispersants, etc.

Mastersizer S (Long bench version)
Mastersizer S (Long bench version)