Dwani Venkataswamy Gowda


Dwani Venkataswamy Gowda

Dwani started her research as part of an FWO project which aims at recognizing Forward Osmosis (FO) as a potential water recovery solution from different wastewater streams. Having already worked with membranes for gas separation during her master's degree study, she now moves onto addressing the bottlenecks in the FO process.

Membrane integrity is one of the critical steps in limiting the performance of FO applications in streams that have to meet high discharge standards for water reuse. A membrane with defects would not only compromise the permeability characteristics but would fail to act as an effective barrier for pollutants and pathogens. Therefore, her research will revolve around synthesizing defect-free membranes, creating defects in them using novel techniques and modelling flow dynamics for these compromised membranes to investigate the extent of defect plugging to reinstate the integrity.