Transferable skills


Seminars in transferable skills offer top-level training aimed at broadening the skills of, and/or increasing the awareness of skills acquired by, the PhD student. Therefore, they have to comply with certain criteria:

  • relevant to one of the following four clusters (i.e. fields of competences):
    • Communication skills
    • Research & Valorisation
    • Leadership & Personal efficiency
    • Career management
  • minimum 6 contact hours
  • successful participation (incl. evaluation, if relevant) is required


In order to be eligible for inclusion in the minimum set of the Doctoral Training Programme, the three attended transferable skills seminars should be:

  • part of different clusters (= three out of four)
  • organised by Ghent University's Doctoral School
  • OR recognised by Ghent University's Doctoral School. There are two types of such courses:
    • PhD courses organised elsewhere (in Belgium or abroad)
    • (exceptionally) regular course units organised at UGent and elsewhere (Master level and above)

In order to be eligible for inclusion in the maximum set of the DTP, a transferable skills seminar should be organised by Ghent University's Doctoral School (priority is always given to PhD students wanting to complete their minimum set). These additional three seminars may be part of any of the four clusters.

Related information

There are specific rules and regulations for recognition, registration and funding of courses.

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