Analogous Spaces

The International Conference on Analogous Spaces (from May 14 till 17, 2008) interrogated the analogy between spaces in which knowledge is preserved, organized, transferred or activated. Although these spaces may differ in material, virtual, or operational ways, there are resemblances if one examines their ‘structure,’ ‘form’ and ‘architecture’. The conference proposed to observe how these spaces co-exist and interrelate.

The topics of the three sessions were:
1. Spaces of Intellectual Networks
2. Space of Knowledge and Memory.
3. Space of Action and Decision-Making. 

The conference papers presented on the following types of spaces: buildings like museums, libraries and archives, world capitals; the architecture of the “book”, like atlases, scientific and scholarly treatises, encyclopedias, guides; organizational schemes and diagrams treating of organigrams, visual language, artificial intelligence, taxonomies, classification systems, etc.

Project Info

Research group: Labo S
Start date: 14-05-2008
Researchers: Guy De Tré, Pieter Uyttenhove, Sylvia Van Peteghem en Wouter Van Acker