Pilot Study: Collective Housing

In 2013 Labo S, in collaboration with Labo A (Laboratory for Architecture, Ghent University) and the architectural office Bovenbouw Architectuur, was selected by the Flemish State Architect to participate in the pilot study for collective housing.

The intention was to work towards a framework for innovative housing projects with an emphasis on mixed and collective housing typologies. The study of Labo S and partners proposed a renewed alliance between the Flemish landscape and the way people live in that landscape. As such, landscape was not approached as an abstract or technical subject nor a mental, ecological or hydrological construction. Instead, landscape is addressed as an exponent of a low eye-level perspective, bringing together built and unbuilt elements within a singular scenic arrangement.

Project Info

Research group: Labo S
Academic year: 2013
Researchers: Michiel Dehaene, Luce Beeckmans, Bruno Notteboom and Sam Lanckriet in collaboration with
Bovenbouw Architectuur and Labo A