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The Coastal Engineering Research Group of Ghent University is coordinating the new COST Action CA17105 “WECANet: An open pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy with a focus on wave energy”, which supports training, networking and collaboration in Europe. This project is funded by the European COST Association and researchers from 31 countries are participating in this network.  


Upcoming events are anounced on the WECANet website!





On February 27th 2017, the construction of a new maritime laboratory has started at Greenbridge in Ostend.

Ghent University, the Catholic University of Leuven and Flanders Hydraulics Research will use the "Coastal and Ocean wave Basin (COB)(dimensions: 30m x 30m x 1,4m) to study the impact of waves, tides and wind on coastal structures and to study Marine Renewable Energy solutions.

On the 15th of May 2019 the maritime laboratory was officially inaugurated! Press release here.









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