Coastal Engineering

The main fields of expertise of the coastal engineering research group are:

  • The design, construction and monitoring of coastal structures (mainly breakwaters and sea dikes)
  • The experimental and numerical modeling of wave propagation and interaction with coastal structures
  • The development and usage of instruments for field measurements
  • Renewable (wave, tide, offshore wind) energy conversion

The specialized staff members are involved in national and international projects on coastal defense and ocean energy conversion.



  • Wave-structure interaction
  • Wave energy conversion systems
  • Development of numerical tools


  • Courses
  • Master-Theses
  • Seminars

Infrastructure and Services

  • Experimental facilities
  • Software
  • Services to industry


  • Journal publications
  • Conference publications
  • PhD theses

Staff members

  • Permanent staff
  • PhD Students and Post-doctoral fellows
  • Technical staff and Secretary

Our engagement


Coastlab 12

Gen4Wave and wave tank strengthen position of Flanders in coastal engineering and offshore renewable energy

The Flemish government decided on the initiative of Minister Ingrid Lieten to invest 5M euros in the Gen4Wave project. The Board of Directors of the Hercules Foundation approved the proposal by UGent and KU Leuven for research infrastructure coupled to Gen4Wave for an amount of 2.3M euros. Gen4Wave is the start of an investment project, including the construction and start-up of a wave tank, featuring waves, currents and wind loads, as large scale test infrastructure for coastal engineering and offshore renewable energy in Flanders