TechBoost! is an annual event during which everybody can give a "boost" to his or her technical knowledge through a lecture by an expert about an up-to-date topic. The topic of TechBoost! 2016 is 'Innovations in coastal and hydraulic engineering'.

About TechBoost! 2016

Recent knowledge of sea level rise and the potential of 'blue energy' raised a lot of interest in innovative research on the design of protection dikes, flood risk management along rivers and the coast, and in recent development in coastal engineering. Moreover, as Flemish region we belong to the world top in the domain of 'land reclamation' and our faculty is worldwide known for its research in coastal and hydraulic engineering. 



Techboost! 2016 was a very successful event held on 21 April 2016 at several locations in the city of Ghent, which hosted more than 500 participants during the pre-program and the keynote lecture of Prof. Peter Troch.

Here is a short overview of the event program:

  • Pre-program: presentations by Prof. Marc Vantorre, Prof. Tom De Mulder, Prof. Andreas Kortenhaus and Dr. Jeroen De Maeyer, at the Marriott Hotel, located in the old harbour of Ghent.
  • Main program: TechBoost! keynote lecture in the Plateau building Prof. Peter Troch.
  • Networking reception and poster/demo presentation of the Coastal Engineering Research Group at the Ufo.


Photos from the Techboost! 2016 event are here available.

Watch the video of Techboost and get into the atmosphere of the event!

During the Techboost! 2016 event, the Coastal Engineering Research Group of UGent presented its research, through the keynote lecture by Prof. Peter Troch, posters, demos and presentations/stands listed below.

Keynote lecture by Professor Peter Troch

The lecture by Prof. Peter Troch entitled 'Innovations in the field of coastal engineering' focuses on the following elements:

  • We know them from our walks to the beach, but how are waves born and how do they propagate? How can we describe mathematically different kinds of water waves?
  • How do the typical coastal structures work? Which are the current and future design trends in order to deal with the impact of sea level rise in an efficient way?
  • Should we construct dikes as high as our appartment blocks along the coast? How does beach nourishment work?
  • More and more wind turbines are istalled offshore, but is this the only way we can get sustainable energy from the sea? In which way do civil engineers achieve optimal wave energy extraction?



Presentations / stands


More info

For more information on the research presented during the Techboost! 2016 event please contact Prof. Peter Troch.


The "Techboost! 2016" event has been supported by the following sponsors:

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