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VLAIO - TETRA: Design for easy and intuitive manual assembly

In this project, we are going to refine our "design for assembly meaning (DFAM)" methodology in cooperation with various companies and adapt it to various business contexts. The methodology is aimed at making assemblies easier but also more intuitive for operators. The interaction of the operator with the product to be assembled is central to this. Easy disassembly with a view to sustainability and maintenance of the products is also addressed.

INTERREG - Learning network bio-builders

Learning Network Biobuilders is committed to developing an innovative, practice-oriented educational method for the construction sector. It focuses on wood and biocomposites, as examples of biocircular materials, and pays attention to ecological system thinking and '21st century skills' such as problem solving, leadership and multidisciplinary cooperation. 

5 Flemish and Dutch partners, together with many stakeholders from the construction sector, will work on this future-proof, innovative educational method until the end of 2022. To this end, gaps between supply and demand will be identified and cross-border pilots will be set up to test new methods. Both bachelor's students and professionals will participate in the pilots. The intended result is a roadmap along which relevant programmes can further develop their existing curricula.

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PROTOTYPING CIRCULAIR: Circular prototyping using bio-based and/or digital production.

In Prototyping Circular, we introduced tools and methodologies to design for a Circular Economy in our education programme, and also in our design studio. Together with companies that supply waste streams, we triggered students to create prototypes and experiment with DIY, bio-based and circular materials. The result of this project is the creation of our BioFabLab and the formulation of our learning line on designing for sustainability. The project is in collaboration with GLIMPS, Switchrs and was funded by Circular Flanders.

Prototyping Circulair

T-CREPE / Erasmus +: Textile engineering for co-creation paradigms in education

The Erasmus+ (KA2) project, 'T-Crepe: Textile Engineering for co-creation paradigms in education' ( aims to develop an innovative web-based, open-source learning platform based on constructionist learning theory and the principle of game-based learning ( to teach the Design Thinking methodology and support coaching in online environments.

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Circular sprint / Crafth

The Circular sprint projects addresses Circular Economy in a multidisciplinary and project-based manner. The event challenges PhD students, professional designers and companies, coming from a wide background, in combining Additive Manufacturing technologies (AM) and Circular Design (CD) to address specific design problems or challenges related to the implementation of a more circular economy.

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Interreg Transfirm

The Interreg project "TRANSFIRM, students entrepreneurs without borders" is establishing itself in Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and Flanders. Launched in December 2018, the aim of this project, which will run until October 2021, is to promote the development of cross-border activities by students with business plans.

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Bio-inspired braces: how seahorses may solve rehabilitation consequences of traditional braces

The use of braces after orthopedic trauma often implies a strategy of total immobilization of the affected joint, with negative side effects afterwards. In this study, we will look for natural solutions that allow both rigidity and mobility and thus avoid the negative effects of total immobility.

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