Below you will find an overview of the UGent programs in which ELIS is involved. The course units for which ELIS professors and lecturers are responsible are all related to the research within the Department of Electronics and Information Systems. Both fundamental principles and applied topics are covered. The research of the department is therefore implemented in the course units, so students are always trained in the latest techniques and technologies.



Practical information for Ghent uni students 


Master's dissertation


Electronic platforms

The faculty uses different electronic platforms for administration purposes:


The Minerva platform is the electronic learning platform of Ghent University. Minerva grants (you) access to a web-based course management system and several information sites. It also hosts lots of extra information about your courses, classes and exams.


Athena is your research and software gateway for your course assignements. 


The Oasis web app contains important information about your enrolment. You can also access and edit your curriculum here. The platform permits users to send vital information to the administration. Furthermore it allows you to view your exam results and your re-enrolments, to access important documents and to manage your Masters’ dissertation.


Plato is a platform developed by the faculty. It is used to register information about master's dissertations, traineeships and exchange programmes (for degree students).

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