06-05-2021 Better PET scanners thanks to Medisip
02-04-2021 Research of Yera Ussembayev on the cover of Nanomaterials journal
02-03-2021 New photonic components thanks to Inge Nys
25-02-2021 Minister Peeters wants to work towards a better mobility in Zwijnaarde
05-02-2021 IDLab together with UCI to make cycling safer
27-01-2021 IDLab helps to create solutions for safer work environments
22-01-2021 Rembrandt Perneel wins Agoria public award
17-11-2020 Have a look inside our Clean Room
29-09-2020 Inge Nys wins Facebook Reality Labs Liquid Crystal Research Diamonds Award
22-09-2020 The virtual ECML-PKDD conference was very successful with more than 1000 participants
25-06-2020 Best Paper Award @ LDAC2020
23-06-2020 Best Student Paper Award @ ICWE2020 for Harm Delva
19-06-2020 HiPEAC Paper Award for Dirk Stroobandt
18-06-2020 Sign language recognition with transformer networks
18-06-2020 Improving Place Name Recognition Accuracy of Historical Topographic Maps
07-04-2020 A new joint master program in Photonics with National Sun Yat Sen University
07-04-2020 Tips for a good psychosocial balance in COVID 19 times
01-04-2020 New ELIS colleagues
14-02-2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction
14-02-2020 ECML-PKDD 2020: premier European machine learning and data mining conference
13-02-2020 Master Thesis Fair
19-12-2019 New Year's resolution: save lives!
18-12-2019 Successful action to support the Cancer Research Institute Ghent!
25-11-2019 Feeling hot, hot, hot!
19-11-2019 Computing the energy cost
31-10-2019 Robots can learn how to support teachers in class sessions
30-09-2019 Empowering parallel computing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays
01-08-2019 CMST researchers develop smart bikewear to prevent back injuries
25-06-2019 Help the Red Cross by donating blood!
14-06-2019 First 2LinK² congress for computer science and STEM teachers: the need for digital competence among young people
08-05-2019 Vacancy: PhD position – Electrophoresis and manipulation at the single nanoparticle level
29-04-2019 Visit of Dr. Fubo Zhang (ELIS 1996), CTO of China Skycloud Software
26-04-2019 Demoday 2019
26-04-2019 Demoday 2019
25-04-2019 Dwengo robotcompetition 2019
11-04-2019 Shoaib Akram wins NVMW Memorable Paper Award
11-04-2019 ELEVATE -project kicked off
05-03-2019 Smart laser gun estimates risk of cardiovascular disease
28-02-2019 PhD on Generation and Transport of Charged Inverse Micelles in Non-Polar Media
22-02-2019 Ghent University Data science seminar: Dr. Sander Dieleman
20-04-2018 Demo Day of the course Design Project 2018