FLip Research Group

As part of the Department of Electronics and Information Systems of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Foundations Lab for imprecise probabilities (FLip) group, founded by Gert de Cooman and Jasper De Bock, currently counts 11 members.

We are concerned with the mathematical and philosophical foundations of reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty, and have played a pioneering and prominent role in this field for a number of decades. We study robust generalizations of probabilistic models, known as imprecise probability models, which include sets of probabilities, lower expectation operators, sets of desirable gambles, and choice functions. We study their implications in the fields of decision making, financial analysis, AI, statistics, algorithmic randomness, and stochastic processes. For such models, we also develop robust inference methods and algorithms, and have applied them in a number of practical areas, such as Markov chains and Bayesian networks.



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    Foundations Lab
    Department of Electronics and Information Systems
    Ghent University
    Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 125 (second floor)
    9052 Zwijnaarde
  • Email: gert.decooman@ugent.be / jasper.debock@ugent.be
  • Phone: 
    +322645653 (Gert de Cooman)
    +322645686 (Jasper De Bock)