The research performed within NaM2 mainly concerns the qualitative analysis and the numerical analysis of time-dependent boundary value problems for partial differential equations, arising from various physical and engineering disciplines. We also organize regular seminars for guest speakers and members of the research group.  Information about our activities, seminars and topics for master theses related to our research can be found below.

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Current research topics

The most important disciplines for NaM2 are at present:

  • problems from (solid) mechanics;
  • problems from low frequency electromagnetism in ferromagnetic materials and from micro-magnetism;
  • convection-diffusion problems from chemical kinetics, metallurgy, heat transfer, flow and transport in porous media (e.g. soil).

The qualitative analysis includes existence, stability and regularity results of the exact solution. For time-dependent boundary value problems, this analysis is usually based on Rothe's method. The numerical analysis concerns the development of numerical approximation schemes, and the study of their reliability and accuracy.  The scientific computing part concerns the numerical implementation (e.g. by using the finite element or difference method for the space discretization) of the different schemes.

The research deals with both direct problems (where all physical data entering the model are a priori known and where the relevant state quantity - response - must be determined) and inverse problems (where some missing data have to be recovered from partial a priori knowledge on the state quantity, which must be determined).

The major part of the research of NaM2 is performed in the frame of multi-disciplinary projects with engineering teams from inside and outside Ghent University. Most of the research topics have an ecological imperative, such as rational energy use, magnetic shielding, control /re-mediating of groundwater pollution. Whenever possible NaM2 works in close contact with industry.

NaM2 is co-founder and co-organiser of two international conferences

  • ACOMEN: a triennial international conference on Advanced COmputational Methods in ENgineering, alternating at UGent and ULg
  • MaCKiE: an biannual international workshop on Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering, alternating at UGent, Houston Univ. and Heidelberg Univ.