A curriculum is a list of course units per student per academic year. All students should submit a curriculum application in OASIS following the stipulated regulations.

A personalised learning path (GIT) is a learning path tailor-made for the student. As such it deviates from a standard learning path as presented in the study guide.

For example, you didn’t pass all your courses in the standard learning path in the previous academic year,  you will  resume your failed courses and you already wish to take some courses of the following standard learning path year.

Curriculum regulations

When you compose your curriculum, you should consider the curriculum regulations.

Requesting a deviation

If the proposed curriculum is, in exceptional circumstances, in contravention of the rules mentioned above, the student has to consult the relevant learning path counsellor beforehand, after which you can jointly make a proposal to the Curriculum Committee.

Enrolment and curriculum request

Every student should submit a curriculum proposal in OASIS before 2 October 2023.

Please read the guidelines for re-enrolment and curriculum request.


If you need help with specific issues (such as refusal to re-enroll, special status, deviations from the curriculum regulations, change of study programme, etc.), you can make an appointment with the learning path counsellor. In September and October, the learning path counselors are only available via appointment. Minor questions will be answered by e-mail.


  • Your personalised learning track (GIT) is submitted under resolutive conditions. If the faculty rejects your proposal, you submit a new curriculum proposal in Oasis as soon as possible. Should any questions arise or in case of rejection you are always notified via your UGent email.