Exemptions (previously acquired qualifications)

Requesting exemptions

Having already obtained some credit certificates in another study programme gives students the possibility to request exemptions in their current study programme. We call this ‘previously acquired qualifications’.

To prepare your request for exemptions, carefully look at the study programme in our study guide. If you see a resemblance between the courses you passed in another programme and one or more courses in your current programme (regarding content, course size, programme level and final competences), you can request exemptions.

What are the consequences of exemptions?

Learning account

You do not use learning account for a course unit for which you receive an exemption.

Tuition fee

You do not pay a tuition fee for a course unit for which you receive an exemption.

Learning path

You will be able to follow a personalised learning path when you receive one or more exemptions.

Study progress monitoring

To check whether you are making sufficient study progress, your study success rate is calculated every year. Exemptions do not count in this calculation.


Exemptions affect the deliberation possibilities for any shortages.

Grade of merit

Courses for which you are exempt are not included in the calculation of the grade of merit.


You must submit your request as soon as possible, but certainly

- at the latest on 14th November for first semester courses

- at the latest on 29th February for second semester courses and year courses


You can submit your request using Oasis. Your request will be checked by the learning path counsellor and the Study Programme Committee will be asked to advise. The Curriculum Committee then takes the final decision regarding your request. Thereafter you receive the decision of the committee by e-mail. Approved exemptions will be processed into your curriculum in Oasis.

Please be aware that the entire process, from the application to the decision and the processing in your curriculum, will take a certain amount of time.

Submitting your request

Via Oasis you can submit a request for one or more exemptions based on previously acquired qualifications.

Please take the following into account:

  • The deadlines for requesting exemptions. Requests submitted after the deadline will not be processed anymore.
  • You must have obtained a credit, a course that has been deliberated or tolerated cannot be used to request for an exemption. A transcript of records, credit certificate and/or other certificates of qualification are therefore mandatory.
  • Do not forget to add the course sheets of the courses on the basis of which you are requesting for (= course sheets of the academic year in which the credit was obtained).
  • You submit one request per study programme. In this request you can add several course units for which you wish to request an exemption.
  • Make sure your file is complete. Once you have submitted, you cannot add anything.


Step 1: Log in on Oasis and choose in the menu left under the tab Curriculum for Exemptions.

Step 2: Create a new request via ‘New application' and fill in all the requested information. Check your history (or add it) and select the correct study programme.

Step 3: Select the course(s) for which you want to apply an exemption.

Step 4: Add one or more courses to use as the base of the exemption, with all required information.

Step 5: Enclose all the necessary documents to support your request, especially: transcript of records, credit certificate and/or other certificates of qualification and the course sheets of the course units on the basis of which you are requesting for exemptions.

Step 6: Optionally, add a comment and/or motivation to your request.

Step 7: Check whether you have entered all information correctly and added all mandatory attachments and submit your application.