Study costs and study financing

At enrolment, you will be charged the tuition fee, amongst other costs for books and materials. If you are a refugee or you have the subsidiary protection status, you might be eligible for the reduced tuition fee and you can apply for a scholarship of the Flemish government.

Tuition fees for refugee students

At enrolment you pay a tuition fee. The amount depends on the course programme (bachelor, master, ...), the study contract and the number of credits taken, your nationality (EEA country or non-EEA country) and your residence status.

Tuition fees for a bachelor programme, linking programme and preparatory programme

Tuition fees for master programma (not advanced) and master programme in teaching

Are you a student from a non-EEA country and do you have one of the following residence statuses?

  1. You have a permanent residence status
  2. You have the official refugee status
  3. You have a 'subsidiary protection' status
  4. You have a 'temporary protection' status (for students from Ukraine)
  5. You have the 'victim of human trafficking' status
  6. You have had a legal residence status for at least 12 months (not in case you have an ongoing asylum procedure or if you are a visa student)
  7. You have a residence status based on family reunion (specific additional conditions apply)

Are you a student from a non-EEA country and are you an applicant for international protection (asylum procedure)?

  • You pay the tuition fee for non-scholarship students from EEA countries. So you do not need to pay the higher tuition fee for master students from non-EEA countries.
  • Asylum seekers are not eligible for reduced tuition fees and pay the standard tuition fee like for students from EEA countries. They also cannot receive a scholarship from the Flemish government.


You will need a laptop for education at Ghent University. You can borrow a laptop from the Social Services.

Study finance

If you have been granted the official refugee status or if you hold one of these electronic residence cards, you may be eligible for a study allowance from the Flemish government. You must then meet certain income and education conditions. More information:

For information and assistance with the application, you can contact the Social Services of Ghent University.

Social Services UGent

The Social Services of Ghent University will advise you on possible financial support and help you to apply for a scholarship.