Research institutes and knowledge centres

Research institutes

  • IBITECH: Institute of Biomedical Technology
  • CMSE: Center for Materials Science and Engineering
  • IDM: Sustainable Mobility Reserach Lab
  • IMEC: Interuniversitary Micro-Electronics Center

Knowledge centers

  • SETSustainable Energy Technologies
  • CleanChemCleantech for sustainable chemical production
  • CompositesInnovative technology platform for composites
  • DuraBUILDmaterialsInnovative technologies for durable cementitious and mineral building materials
  • ChemTech: Chemistry Technologies
  • Metals: Metals
  • i-KnowIntelligent information management
  • e-Poly: Center for advanced, polymer based microsystems and applications
  • IDLab-BDInternet & Data Lab
  • MOVE: data representation and mining
  • nb-photonics: photonics, materials, components, systems, applications
  • MedTeg: Hybrid CT image building technologies for material and life sciences applications