Bianca Swanckaert obtained her PhD

(16-11-2023) Bianca Swanckaert obtained her PhD on 25 October 2023, after her successful public defense.

The title of her PhD is "Development of silica nanofiber membranes for resource recovery".

Over the last decades the concerns in view of climate change are rising tremendously. Ecological crises are emerging and resources are being depleted. To battle this crisis, many new techniques are being developed in view of resource recovery. Many of these techniques rely on the use of membranes. These membranes often need to meet some strict requirements and the currently available membranes are often not optimal and frequently contain fluor based components. So it is about time for better performing more sustainable membranes. During my PhD I have investigated the potential of silica nanofiber membranes for two specific techniques within resource recovery namely as ion exchange membranes for electrochemical purification processes and as separation membranes for solvent recovery. The use of silica structures processed into nanofiber membranes leads to some interesting advantages which I would like to further explain to you during my PhD defense.


  • Prof. Karen De Clerck
  • Prof. Klaartje De Buysser

Members of the examination board:

  • Prof. Filip De Turck (chair)
  • Dr. Luiza Bonin
  • Prof. Ludwig Cardon
  • Prof. André ten Elshof
  • Prof. Martina Roso