Lopende doctoraten

Abdel-Jaouad Aberkane

Automated GDPR-compliance in requirements engineering

Steve Ahouanmenou

Cybersecurity in the healthcare sector

Tessa Borgonjon

Improved decision-making to (re-)construct personnel rosters in a dynamic and uncertain context

Ahmad Tahir

The impact of new IT adoption on business process management

Tine Meersman

Improved decision-making for coordinating breast cancer screening

Pooria Jafari

The DNA of digital business processes

Seyed Amir Hossein Hosseini

Contract design for project management

Benjamin De Brabander

The impact of ERP technology to enable business transformations in backoffice processes for professional service companies

Dries Bredael

Project management and scheduling

Hossein Arshad

Contract design for project management

Fahad Al-Meshal

Planning. Optimization and monitoring of rigless wells intervention activities

Miao Li

Multi-league sport scheduling

Anis Rahmawati Amna

A modeling framework for user stories

Ebenezer Olatunde Adenipekun

Material handling in the context of high variety, low volume production

Tomasz Helbin

Investigating how process management amidexterity facilitates IT alignment in public sector

Thomas Derave

Process simulation in health care

Xi Guan

Buget allocation models on project risk response

Dries Couckuyt

Green business process management

Jakob Snauwaert

A theoretical and emerical analysis of multi-project planning, risk and control



Rob Van Eynde

Optimal and heuristic algorithms for multi-project planning and control

Babak Akbarzadeh

Operating room, surgeon and nurse planning and scheduling

Weikang Guo

Project scheduling and risk management: an integrated approach

Jingyu Luo

Project scheduling and project control: an integrated approach

Jie Song

Earned value management: a simulation study

Mohanad Rezeq

Production networks planning under uncertainty

Izel Ünsel Altuncan

An early warning system for project conflicts

Nico Schmid

Optimization of materials supply to complex mixed model assembly lines

David Van Bulck

Sport scheduling: new insights in algortihmic performance

Foad Ghadimi

Integrated production planning and safety stock placement in production networks

Ioannis Siskos

Location decisions and industrials syombiosis

Xiajie YiS

Sport scheduling under uncertainty

Tom Servranckx

Scheduling, risk and control algorithms in project management

Aygun Shafagatova

The role of human resources in business process orientation