PhD Graduates

Per Key Research Area



First placement (when available) in parenthesis

  • Kevin Hoefman, November 2020, Live Agent-Based Models
  • Elien Meuleman, October 2020, Macroprudential policy, monetary policy and bank stability in Europe
  • Sarmad Zaman Rajper, October 2020, Essays on Prospects of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan
  • Joris Wauters, September 2020, Essays on wage and price inflation 
  • Désirée Vandenberghe, September 2020, The economics of preventive health care
  • Brecht Neyt, August 2020, How decisions in school affect how easily you find a job (and a date)
  • Andres Algaba, August 2020,  Predictive data filters for timely economic and financial decision making
  • Thi Xuan Linh Nguyen, August 2020, Corporate sustainability performance in the emerging East Asian markets
  • Stefanie Vanneste, April 2020, The effect of politics on the financial performance of Flemish local governments (Vlaamse Overheid)


  • Martin Iseringhausen, November 2019, Unobserved components models in macroeconomics and finance
  • Stef De Visscher, October 2019, Measuring total factor productivity and understanding its determinants (KBC, Finance & Risk)
  • Milan van den Heuvel, September 2019, Addressing socioeconomic challenges with micro-level trace data (Ghent University)
  • Bruno Ferreira Albuquerque, June 2019, Household debt, housing cycles, and interactions with monetary policy (Bank of England)
  • Hannes Stieperaere, June 2019, Investor behavior and the effect on financial markets (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Benjamin Schalembier, April 2019, How relative income affects life satisfaction (Flemish Government Department for Work & Social Economy)
  • Frederik Mergaerts, March 2019, Essays in financial economics (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  • Annelies Hoebeeck, February 2019, The tax benefit for mortgage payments : incentive effects and implications for house prices (Flemish Government Department for Finance and Budget)


  • Vu Ha Phuoc, December 2018, Governance and Firm Efficiency in Vietnam (Danang University of Economics, Vietnam)
  • Thomas Matthys, December 2018, Topics in Financial Economics (Vlerick Business School)
  • Willem Devriendt, October 2018, Coping with Demographic Change: Macroeconomic Effects and Optimal Pension Reform. (IDEA Consult)
  • Ignace De Vos, October 2018, Panel Data Econometrics - Dynamics and Cross-Section Dependence (Lund University)
  • Eva Van Belle, June 2018, Getting Stuck in Unemployment: Pitfalls and Helping Hands. (Université de Neuchâtel)
  • Jasmien De Winne, Februari 2018, The Consequences of Food Price Changes: A Macroeconomic Perspective  (Belgian Foreign Affaires Department)
  • Yelter Bollen, February 2018, The domestic politics of EU trade policy : the political-economy of CETA and anti-dumping in Belgium and the Netherlands. (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


  • Marco Bernardini, December 2017, Private Debt and Macroeconomic Stability (Bank of Italy)
  • Kevin Lampaert, December 2017, Essays on the FX market microstructure. (Wolters Kluwer)
  • Dinçer Afat, November 2017, Essays on exchange rates. 
  • Angelos Theodorakopoulos, August 2017, Internationalisation and firm performance. (KU Leuven, VIVES - Research Centre for Regional Economics)
  • Brecht Boone, June 2017, Labour Market Imperfections, Expectations and Fiscal Policy in Dynamic Macro Models (E.CA Economics) 
  • Gert Elaut, June 2017, Microeconomics of financial markets. (KBC Asset Management)
  • Ewoud Quaghebeur, May 2017, Expectations and the Macroeconomic Dynamics of Fiscal Policy (Ghent University)
  • Benjamin Vandermarliere, May 2017, A temporal network perspective of collective behavior in economic systems. (Ghent University)


  • Murat Midiliç, December 2016, Essays on nonlinear time-series modeling and financial markets in emerging economies. (Deloitte Belgium)
  • Yannick Thuy, September 2016, Age, women, and employment: an evaluation. (Planbureau)
  • Garo Garabedian, January 2016, Essays on the procyclicality of financial cycles and the vulnerability of emerging markets. (Central Bank of Ireland)


  • Andrea Albanese, December 2015, Employment of young and older workers: three policy evaluations. (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research - LISER)
  • Xing Han, December 2015, Essays on market microstructure and liquidity. (University of Otago, New Zealand)
  • Jose Figueroa Oropeza, December 2015, Children's opportunities and impact evaluation. (International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, USA)
  • Stijn Ronsse, December 2015, Explorations in Cliometrics. (Idea Consult; Ghent University)
  • Victoria Purice, October 2015, Multinational activity and firm performance. (University of Groningen)
  • Ruben Schoonackers, September 2015, Empirical Essays on Fiscal Policy, Growth and Consumption (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Samuel Standaert, September 2015, Economic integration and corruption : resolving measurement and endogeneity problems through state-space modeling. (Ghent University)
  • Hauke Vierke, September 2015, Macroeconomics and the Labor Market (European Commission)
  • Ruben Laleman, May 2015, Policies to support the low carbon electricity transition (CRB Centrale Raad voor Bedrijfsleven)


  • Corinna Ghirelli, December 2014, Unemployment: scars and preferences. (National Bank of Spain)
  • Karolien Lenaerts, December 2014, Firm-level heterogeneity and the demand and supply side of foreign direct investment spillovers. 
  • Martien Lamers, October 2014, Essays on behavior and extreme events. (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Nederland)
  • Selien De Schryder, September 2014, Topics in Monetary Economics (Ghent University)
  • Tim Buyse, June 2014, Public pension and debt policies in general equilibrium, (Flanders Social and Economic Council, research department)


  • Frederick Van Gysegem, December 2013, Liquidity provision in the interbank foreign exchange market. (Roland Berger)
  • Sietse Bracke, October 2013, Empirical essays on the economics of divorce
  • Daan Isebaert, October 2013, Housing and Labour Market Performance (Flemish Organization for the Social Enterprise Sector)
  • Stijn Baert, August 2013, Transitions in youth : on springboards, waterfalls and bottlenecks. (UGent)
  • Bart Defloor, July 2013, Policy evaluation in a non-welfarist framework. (Hoge School Gent)
  • Nora Srzentić, July 2013, Banking and finance in Central and Eastern European countries
  • Arnoud Stevens, June 2013, Applications in dynamic stochastic general equilibrium macroeconomics (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Valerie De Bruyckere, May 2013, Bank risk, interconnectedness and bank business models. (European Bank Authority)
  • Glenn Schepens, May 2013, Essays in banking. (NNB)
  • Ilse Ruyssen, April 2013, Determinants of international migration. (Université catholique de Louvain)
  • Mustafa Disli, April 2013, Essays on the Turkisch Banking System. (Ghent University)
  • Renaat Van de Kerckhove, April 2013, Public Policy, Employment and Growth in Open Economies (Infrabel)
  • Klaas Mulier, March 2013, Investment, growth and the access to finance of firms: an empirical analysis


  • Joost Vandenbossche, December 2012, Essays on the partnership problem
  • Benjamin Verhelst, September 2012, Price Rigidity in Europe and the US: Measurement and Explanation using Scanner Data (Roland Berger Strategy Consultants)
  • Marijn Verschelde, June 2012, Nonparametric production and frontier analysis: applications in economics
  • Ine Van Robays, May 2012, The interactions between oil, the macroeconomy and monetary policy (European Central Bank)



  • Christa Sys, December 2010, Inside the box: assessing the competitive conditions, the concentration and the market structure of the container liner shipping industry
  • Punnoose Jacob, May 2010, Three essays in dynamic stochastick macroeconomics (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Lieven Baert, March 2010, The effect of banks on the external finance behavior of firms


  • Christiane Baumeister, December 2009, Empirical macro models in a time-varying framework (Bank of Canada)


  • Maarten Dossche, December 2008, Essays on inflation dynamics (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Alexei Karas, December 2008, Essays on the Russian Banking System
  • Bert Vanbergen, October 2008, Are social welfare states facing a race to the bottom?: a theoretical perspective
  • Roeland Bracke, September 2008, New ways of governing environmental pollution from business : voluntary approach from an institutional economic perspective
  • Bart Leyman, September 2008, An economic analysis of creditor behavior in distressed companies
  • Arne Schollaert, June 2008, Civil conflict and its causes
  • Tino Berger, May 2008, Identifying and explaining structural unemployment (University of Münster)
  • Thomas Demuynck, April 2008, Binary extensions and choice theory


  • Ferre De Graeve, December 2007, Interactions between the real and financial economy (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
  • Olivier De Jonghe, December 2007, Competition and risk in financial institutions and the implications for financial stability
  • Elsy Verhofstadt, September 2007, Qualitative aspects of entry jobs


  • Gleb Lanine, December 2006, Topics on modeling risk in transitional economy
  • Sophie Claeys, May 2006, Optimal regulatory design in banking in transition economies
  • Koen Inghelbrecht, May 2006, The comovement of asset returns
  • Dieter Verhaest, May 2006, Overeducation in the labour market
  • Mattias Neyt, February 2006, Economic evaluation of medical innovations


  • Roland Luttens, December 2005, Essays on non-welfaristic redistribution
  • Bruno Merlevede, May 2005, The effects of economic reform and foreign direct investment on the domestic economy and the domestic companies of Central and Eastern European transition countries
  • Wim Van Hyfte, May 2005, The predictability of bond and stock returns and the implications for portfolio allocation
  • Niko Gobbin, January 2005, Economic growth, income inequality and welfare states


  • Sabien Dobbelaere, May 2004, An Analysis of Union Behaviour and Wage Formation in a Globalised Word (VU University Amsterdam)


  • Lorenzo Pozzi, January 2003, Fiscal Policy, Government Debt and Private Consumption (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


  • Johan Albrecht, April 2002, Institutional and instrumental innovations for environmental policy
  • Tom Verbeke, April 2002, Essays on the international economic order and environmental policy: the opportunities and threats for an open economy


  • Gerdie Everaert, November 2000, Public Capital, Economic Growth and the Labour Market (Ghent University)