Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is a collegiate student-centric school, that dares to think today about the challenges of tomorrow, welcoming all students to participate in high quality, research-based study programs and conducting rigorous multi-perspective scientific research, starting from relevant real-life business problems and societal challenges.

 As a collegiate school for our students and an intelligence service for the business world, wider government and society at large, the mission of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is to:

  • educate graduates in the fields of economics, business economics, business engineering, business administration, public administration and public management and provide a wide variety of high quality academic programmes which, apart from the economic analysis, pay attention to the wider societal dimensions of economic life.
  • deliver highly employable students with strong analytical skills, creative intelligence, entrepreneurial and organizational skills needed for solving complex business-, management-, policy- and organizational problems in a global and frequently changing environment. Our educational programmes are open to all students regardless of their cultural or social origin.
  • strongly embed our academic programmes in a research context and give priority to fundamental and applied scientific research which can contribute to stimulating the economic and managerial performance of organizations.
  • significantly contribute to international scientific fora, as a leading partner.
  • pay attention to the relevance of our education and research to the practice of business, government and the social profit sector.
  • strongly embed in the local and regional society in which the faculty operates by maintaining relations with the local and regional socio-economic stakeholders.
  • be an internationally-oriented faculty with respect for the specificity of the language and culture of the Flemish Community. By consequence the faculty pursues an active international policy and cooperates with other universities for research, education and services.
  • be a partner for its alumni, offering them to follow up on developments in the fields of economics, business economics, business administration, business engineering, general economics, business communication, business economics and public management.
  • significantly participate in the societal debate and, to that end, facilitate the provision of scientific services by its faculty to the wider community.
  • create a dynamic and stimulating environment for students and employees to fully develop their potential. By consequence it attaches particular importance to the participation of all stakeholders in the faculty’s decision making.


We aim to be:

  • recognized for our high quality and innovative research and education.
  • the critical eye opener for business practice and government.