Information for PhD students

New doctoral student

Getting started (starting procedure, supervisor, doctoral advisory committee, ...)

Doctoral student at work

  • PhD students are required to re-enrol each academic year until they have completed the programme.
  • Doctoral Regulations of the faculty
  • Education and Examination Code, in particular Articles 79 to 98
  • Every PhD student must report his/her progress in their Annual Progress Report. Consult the guidelines on how to complete and submit this report.
  • A PhD Day is organised every year in May/June. This event hosts paper sessions, poster sessions, panel discussions and workshops. Each PhD student is obliged to present at least one paper and one poster at a PhD day during his/her doctoral research period at the faculty. The other years we expect you to be present at the PhD day.  
  • Application for a grant (presentation (EN) on faculty funding for doctoral researchers):
    • participation in a conference abroad (procedure NL/EN - form NL/EN)
    • stay abroad (procedure NL/EN - form NL/EN)
    • participation in a doctoral seminar or summer school (procedure NL/EN - form NL/EN)
  • Faculty Research Code of Ethics
  • Authorship Guidelines 
  • PhD-charter
    • The PhD-charter describes the mutual commitments ('best practices') between the PhD student, his/her supervisor(s) and the members of the doctoral advisory committee.

Finishing a PhD