Re-enrolment for the doctorate and (pre)doctoral programme

Enrol each year

You are required to re-enrol each academic year until you have successfully defended your doctoral dissertation.

This requirement is applicable to all doctoral students regardless of the type of job position or funding.

Also in the academic year that you defend your doctoral dissertation you have to re-enrol.

An enrolment for doctoral defense is only possible if you are enrolled as doctoral student.

Interruption of 1 academic year

You should only use this form when you have not been re-enrolled for one academic year and when you are unable to re-enrol online.
If you have not been re-enrolled for more than one academic year, you have to complete the initial enrolment procedure once again.


Exclusively re-enrol via

Re-enrolment is only possible if your annual self-reflection report has been approved by your supervisor.

You will get an e-mail with the deadline and procedure for submission of this report.

If you have problems with - or questions about this report please contact

You have to re-enrol between 15 June and 1 October.


Registrar's Office