For prospective degree students

We offer research-based education from inspiring teachers who are actively engaged in the wider community. We aim to prepare our students for the society and the economy of tomorrow. We put high emphasis on innovative teaching methods, on fostering an international mindset, on openness to the outside world, on internationalisation and multiculturalism, on the societal relevance of our teaching and our research.

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Our English programmes

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Why study at our faculty?

Challenging and interactive courses

Our courses consists of a wide variety of hands-on and realtime teaching methods: case studies, group assignments, papers, guest lectures, business games, … Several speakers of international companies are invited to share their experience with our students, in addition to the academic theories and frameworks. The courses are very demanding and challenging, yet very professional.

A top 100 university

Ghent University enjoys a high reputation worldwide. We’re ranked nr. 69 in the Academic Ranking of Worldwide Univeristies (Shanghai Ranking). Belgium is known for it’s very high level of education. It’s one of the best in the world and will certainly contribute to your educational experience. Consult all our international rankings here.

Very accessible and highly qualified staff

Our professors are very accessible and helpful. They are eager to share their knowledge and to interact and discuss questions with their students. Our staff excells in teaching and research. They incorporate their research expertise into their classes. Do you have a problem? Our student administration is happy to help you out!

Career opportunities

Big international companies will reach out to you through the student association’s job fair, guest lectures, company presentations, etc. During your study programme you can fulfil an internship at a major company. Our traineeship supervisor team will help you setting up a solid working contract.  

An international culture

Our Belgian students are very open minded and will make you feel welcome. Living in Belgium as an international student is easy because almost everyone speaks English. So you will be easily integrated with Belgian and other international students.

The city of Ghent

Ghent is a beautiful, historical city. It has an open and progressive culture. Enjoy several cultural and sportive activities during the year. You can travel around town by bike. Ghent is also located in the heart of Europe, so it’s very easy to travel to other cities and countries (eg. Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome, …).

Practical information


No, there's no specific GPA required to get accepted into our programmes. We will assess your application and make an evaluation of your available transcript of records.

No, we do not request GMAT or GRE. However if you already got tested, you can always forward us the test results. This helps us to judge your application.

You are expected to be in Ghent from the first day of the semester of the academic year. One week prior to the start of the academic year, we strongly encourage you to participate in the Welcome Days.


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