Andari Dwistia

Andari Dwistia


  • From Indonesia
  • Previous studies: Sarjana Ekonomi (degree in Economocs) obtained at the Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)
  • Obtained the Master in Business Economics - accountancy in academic year 2019-2020
  • Currently lives in Indonesia where she works as Internal Auditor


Andari about her experience at the FEB

I choose to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration because of the difference of teaching style that promotes students to think out of the box as it matches with the UGent’s slogan.

I would describe my study experience at the faculty and my time in Ghent as amazing! Not only having professional networks with professors, but also with other fellow students, adapting with Belgian cultures and the languages. Turning to open-minded is the key. Exposed by fast-paced learning and teaching has changed my way of thinking in a very short time. The university’s employees, professors, and students played a big role in my transition period. Especially interacting and receiving advices from my professors have really developed my skills. Studying at UGent has changed the way of my perspective. Dealing with numerous assignments was the ultimate challenge. I would say that UGent is part of my mindset growth.

I did not expect that I would be selected as an Internal Auditor in a multinational bank, even before graduation. The selection process was tough. But I keep in my mind of the UGent’s slogan which is “durf denken”. That’s the value I continue to strive for.


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