Damla Manav

Damla Manav


    • From Turkey
    • Previous studies: Bachelor obtained at the Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
    • Obtained the Master of Science in Business Economics - marketing in academic year 2017-2018
    • Currently lives in London and works as Expansion Executive at Getir


Damla about her experience at the FEB

This university is academically really uniform, with its rankings, with its reputation, when you talk with the graduates they really recommend this place. Against the beautiful city, it’s just affordable for non-European students and you’re close to everywhere in Europe.

There are many trade fairs, many exhibitions for the biggest companies, they come to you and you can talk to them, there are many seminars, according to the topic area and subject you can reach the PhD students or assistants, really cool.

Once I mailed to the dean of the university, professor Van Kenhove. Back in Turkey you cannot just get in contact with the dean but he replied me and he asked me to come to his office and we had a long chat.

It’s not just international students versus the native students. Together with them you do many things. It’s really good to understand the culture and get to know the locals. I love communal cultures but individually, if you find yourself and if you try to improve yourself and if you adapt to this Belgian style of living it’s just another personality for you, another identity and I will never forget this.

I think its about innovation, always thinking, progressing, generating ideas. I love it, it keeps you alive.


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