Greta Palma Espino

Greta Palma Espino


    • From Mexico
    • Previous studies: Bachelor in International Business obtained at the Autonomous University of Baja California (Mexico)
    • Obtained the Master in Business Economics - marketing in academic year 2017-2018


Greta about her experience at the FEB

Ghent is so pretty, it has so many students, I really like that, it made a difference. Once and a while I also went to the city lights, that was very nice. Especially in Ghent they also have a lot of music concerts, like some jazz concerts here and some classical concerts there.

In Mexico everything is by car so you always have to take a taxi. In Ghent everything is so easy with a bicycle so you don’t depend on a car or a bus.

I really like the fact that the year is divided in blocks, that made it easy. I could also start working already and do my own topics in research for the thesis. I really liked that.

The teachers are really good, they try to really pull the attention of the students and they share their knowledge and their passion. They were really trying to get in discussion with the students.

There is this kind of stigma with Erasmus students that the ones who are here are always going to party and not work but I happened to work with one group of students, they were all female and all from different countries. And actually, that was one of the most efficient group works that I had. Belgian students were always trying to get us in the group, you didn’t feel like you were different, you feel like you are in the same thing together.

Professor van Kenhove gave us classes of market research and he was also very interested and passionate about it. It’s very good that you can easily identify with him. Professor Van Kerckhove gave us a class in consumer research, I really liked that. She also gave me the opportunity to do my own topic for the thesis. For me as a starting researcher it was a great experience and I’ll always remember that.

In one of the classes they have an app that you could use and then they put everything in the screen and you have to see how you feel and in the end you get your results in real time. For research it’s interesting that you can do these things and just see what is out there in real life.

The things that I learned made it more clear and that was the moment I realised that I want to do this as a career.