Ieva Balcere

Ieva Balcere


    • From Latvia
    • Previous studies: Bachelor in Finance obtained at the BA School of Business and Finance (Latvia)
    • Obtained the Master of Science in Business Economics - accountancy in academic year 2016-2017


Ieva about her experience at the FEB

The biggest cultural difference that I was surprised about is that people don’t take of their shoes when they visit someone at home.

I choose for Ghent University and this faculty because they offer master programmes in English and as well that I was able to study accounting, which I am interested in.

Ghent was also one of the major factors because I just love this city. I was here four years ago on Erasmus.

The education here is quite demanding so you need to put effort in it but it’s doable if you really want to. In Ghent University I received not only the theory, it was mainly interactive study with many group works.

I really like the modular system as I had it as well in my home university during my bachelor so therefore I was used to it and I find it more effective than if I would have an exam session in January for example.

My accounting course completely met my expectations. It was demanding as I expected it was going to be and it gave me a lot of new knowledge. For example I learned international financial accounting standards which was not taught to me before and it was quite interesting.

I would describe my experience here in this faculty as knowledge and friendship as I got to know many people here that are my friends now and I learned much for my future career.

I would definitely recommend everyone to study in Ghent University as I think it’s a great place to be and Ghent is beautiful. Ghent University is one of the best, it’s a beautiful place to be.