Through your company, contribute to our innovative research and qualitative education by supporting a deserving student.

It has been a tradition for many years for companies and programs to award prizes to deserving students at the proclamations of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Not only does the faculty community highly appreciate this gesture, but this prize is a great honor for the acclaimed student. The awards are a sign of the appreciation of the business community for the courses and study results of our students.


Below you will find three detailed partnership bundles. Always included is a cash prize of 200 euros (or 2x 200 euros), presented to the laureate by a representative of your company during the proclamation. The name of your organization will also appear on our alumni platform Infinitum.

Additional options are an electronic mailing to all current final-year students (1,200 recipients), and a personalized advertisement in the faculty alumni magazine (1/1 page inside cover).


€ 250

Extended Partner

€ 375

Exclusive Partner

€ 1.350*

Cash prize deserving student

worth 200 €

worth 200 €

worth 200 €

Listing name on our alumni platform




Personalised advertisment in alumni magazine (1/1 pg. page inside cover) or in letter delivery (max. A4)




Mailing to all final-year students (1.200)




* Limited to 3 organisations per academic year

More information? Contact Nina Hovaert and Viktor De Mulder through  .