Faculty admission requirements

Diploma requirements

The faculty's committee will assess whether the undergraduate degree is equivalent to the required Flemish degree.

Language requirements

English level B2 is required upon enrolment.

Additional requirements

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration requires all international applicants to add a GMAT or GRE test to the application file. If applicants do not submit a GMAT or GRE test, the application will not be processed. 

The faculty also determined the minimum scores an applicant should obtain. Provided the applicants adopt an appropriate study attitude, this score gives a positive indication of their chances of success in the study programme. A lower score is insufficient and implies the applicants would have considerable difficulties in successfully completing the study programme, therefore, these applications will be refused.


  • 49 on quantitative reasoning
  • total score of 600.


  • 162 on quantitative reasoning
  • 152 on verbal reasoning