Edit and submit your curriculum via Oasis

How do I edit and submit my curriculum?

If this is your first enrolment at Ghent University, you can only edit your curriculum after enrolment, which is done at the International Admissions Desk. 

If you were already a student at Ghent University in the previous academic year, you will first have to re-enrol for the programme via Oasis.

As soon as you have enroled or re-enroled for a programme, you can edit your curriculum.

Go to oasis.ugent.be, login with your UGent account and password and follow these steps:


Step 1: In the left hand menu, go to the current academic year and select ‘edit curriculum (EB)’

Step 2: You can now see the programme for which you are enrolled. To edit your curriculum, go to ‘actions’ and select ‘curriculum’

Step 3: Select ‘edit curriculum for this year’. If you cannot see this button, it means that your enrolment has not yet been processed in oasis, this can take a few minutes up to maximum 24 hours. If this button is visible, you can start editing your curriculum

 Step 4: Oasis will automatically add some courses to your curriculum. If you are enrolled for a preparatory programme, you only enrol for the courses as mentioned in the email that you received about your individual programme. If you are enrolled for a master’s programme, all compulsory courses will already be added and you only need to add an elective course

Go to the left hand menu and choose ‘programme modules, then select ‘elective courses’, add the course that you wish to follow. If there are courses in your curriculum that you do not yet wish to follow this academic year, click on ‘remove’

Note that courses you have requested exemptions for must also be added in Oasis. The Curriculum Committee will set the course to exempt after the exemption has been approved. 

Step 5: Oasis will automatically change the number of credits that you are now enrolled for. Once all the courses you will take this academic year have been added to your curriculum, you can click on ‘save and close’. This is not yet the final step, you can still return later on if you wish

Step 6: If you are enrolled for several programmes, for example a preparatory programme and a master’s programme, you need to repeat step 2 until step 5 for both programmes.

Step 7: When you are sure that your curriculum is correct, you can continue to the final step. Select your curriculum and click ‘submit for approval’. This button will only be visible after you have ticked the box in front of your programme

Step 8: Oasis will show you all courses you have registered for. Check once more if you are enrolled for all courses, because this is the final step. You will also see a  commentary window. This is an opportunity to enter any additional comments, for example if you have chosen an alternative elective course. Click ‘continue curriculum submission’. If you are enrolled for several programmes, repeat step 7 and step 8 for all programmes

Step 9: After this final step, your curriculum has been submitted and the status has changed to proposal, you will no longer be able to make any changes. 


The curriculum committee will now evaluate your curriculum, this could take up to a few weeks.

We will inform you via your UGent email address whether your curriculum has been approved or refused so check your emails regularly.