Preparatory programme Master in Business Economics

Programme structure

The content of the preparatory programme was laid down by the Curriculum Committee taking into account the required initial competences for the master’s programme in Business Economics. It will consist of the following courses for a total of 28 credits:

  1. Advanced Academic English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Economics
  4. Corporate Finance
  5. Marketing I
  6. Research Methods I

Personal learning path

What is a PLP?

You take a PLP (personalised learning path) if your curriculum deviates from a standard learning track.

An example of a standard learning track = a curriculum of 60 credits with only courses from the 2nd bachelor. You are taking a PLP as soon as you deviate from the 60 credits limit or as soon as you combine courses from several standard learning tracks.

Reasons for taking a PLP are usually:

  • because you did not pass all courses in the previous academic year but you do already want to take courses from a higher track or because you were already taking a PLP in the previous academic year and you will continue in this system.
  • because you have already acquired credits in a different programme and have applied for exemptions based on that, allowing you to take courses from a higher track already.
  • sometimes it is for personal reasons (e.g. because you combine working with studying, because you are engaged in top-level sports, …) and you only take a limited number of courses.
  • because you wish to combine courses from a preparatory course with courses from a master’s programme.
  • ...

PLP regulations

Before forming and submitting your PLP, you must first thoroughly read the PLP regulations.

In the PLP regulations you can read, among other things, what type of PLP you are taking, how many ECTS-credits you are allowed to take, which courses you may or may not take (mandatory sequentiality), …

A curriculum that has not been formed in accordance with the PLP regulations will not be approved by the Curriculum Committee.


The courses in the preparatory programme are second semester courses, this implies that students who have been admitted will not enrol in the first semester (September 2021) but in the second semester (February 2022).

It is not allowed to combine courses from the preparatory programme with courses from the master's programme during the first enrolment.

After completing the preparatory programme, students will be allowed to enrol for the master's programme in the next academic year. It is not necessary to start up the application procedure again. 


If you have any more questions about the programme and how to edit your curriculum, whether you follow a standard learning track or a personal learning path, contact the programme coordinator via