What are exemptions?

An exemption lifts the obligation to take an exam for a course.

Exemptions and study load reductions are described in article 29 of the Education and Examination Code. It indicates that whoever holds credit certificates, previously acquired qualifications (eerder verworven kwalificaties, EVK) or an aptitude certificate based on previously acquired competencies (eerder verworven competenties, EVC) can apply for an exemption at the Curriculum Committee, in accordance with the procedure and regulations established by the faculty. Note: this applies to credit certificates and EVK acquired in a different programme. Credits within the same programme will be retained automatically.

For which courses can I apply for an exemption?

There is no list of courses for which you can apply for an exemption. You can apply for an exemption for each course in your programme, if you think you have obtained the final competences.

The first step is to consult the course specification. You can find the course specifications in the Study Guide. Select your programme and click on the course for which you think you can be exempted. Compare the course at our faculty with the course(s) for which you already obtained a credit outside the faculty: the course content, the level and the ECTS-credits should be similar. If you believe that you have achieved the final competences mentioned in the course sheet, you can apply for an exemption.

The Curriculum Committee will evaluate each request for an exemption. 

How can I apply for an exemption?

Carefully read the instructions about the application procedure.

When can I apply for an exemption?

As soon as you have obtained a credit for the course on the basis of which you wish to apply for an exemption, you can apply.

You do not yet have to  be enrolled at Ghent University to apply for an exemption. If you want to know for which courses you can be exempted before enrolment, you can already apply for exemptions.

Note that it can take up to 4 weeks (6 weeks during summer holidays) before you know if the requested exemption has been granted. Make sure to apply in time!

What is the deadline to apply for an exemption?

The Master in Business Economics has a modular system. If you wish to apply for an exemption for courses in the first module: 1 October 2023

First semester courses in all other programmes: 14 November 2023

Second semester courses in all other programmes: 29 February 2024