General examination regulations

The student has to be present at the time (and preferably earlier) and at the classroom as mentioned in the exam schedule. Only students who show up in time can participate in the exam, unless the invigilator grants admission to start participation in the exam late due to a proven serious reason.


Upon entering the classroom:

  • the student is silent;
  • the student's mobile phone is out of reach (in a coat or bag) and also turned off;
  • the student places his/her coat and bag at the front of the classroom, leaving aisles open;
  • the students sits down as soon as possible without looking at the exam, until the invigilator indicates to start the exam;
  • the student only puts following items on his/her desk:
    1. student's card
    2. writing material in a plastic bag
    3. if mentioned on Ufora and the cover sheet of the exam: codex, calculator, or other material without any remarks or saved data.
    4. pencil case, spectacle case, a bottle of water or other personal items are not allowed (unless the lecturer in question specifically allows this), unless in a plastic bag (for example medicines)
    5. for some exams it is allowed to use a programmable calculator, for other exams it is allowed to use a non-programmable calculator


The student hands in both the exam paper and the scratch paper. 

The student writes down his/her name, autograph and student number on the cover sheet of the exam. The student writes his name on the scratch paper and signs the attendance list.