The ombudsperson mediates disputes between students and professors or assistants. At the faculty the ombudsperson can help you with problems about the implementation of the education and examination regulations and situations you experience as unfair, both in situations concerning education, examination or other forms of evaluation.

With which complaint can the ombudsperson help?

Students can file a complaint when they feel that a professor deviates from the teaching methods, the course content, the evaluation methods, etc. as described in the course specification of the course concerned.

Other common complaints concern disputes about the examination results, ambiguity with regards to tasks and group assignments, not publishing course material, not providing feedback, ...

How can the ombudsperon help?

First of all, the facuty's ombudsperson will try to mediate between the student(s) and professor(s) concerned to try and find an acceptable solution to the problem. Many problems are the consequence of a lack of or misunderstood information and will be solved automatically once this has been cleared out.

Only in exceptional cases, the mediation does not lead to a solution and the faculty's ombudsperson will:

  • inform the student about the possibility to appeal
  • redirect the student to the institutional ombudsperson (this is the ombudsperson for all students at Ghent University)

Note that the faculty's ombusdpersons also have the right to acquire all information about an evaluation for which a complaint has been filed for the deliberation of the exam committee. They can participate in the deliberation as observer and ask for a voting.


You can consult the the ombudsperson after making an appointment

For students Economics, Business Economics and Business Engineering

For students Business Administration and Public Administration and Management

For students Complementary studies in Economics and Business Economics

For doctoral students